Thanks - An off Topic Post

I just wanted to thank the lovely girl who sold me MAC Knight Divine, i lost your email.

I have always had troubles with pure black colors pairing with bright or other colors, the black is always just WAY to dark for my small eyes.

Knight Divine is my savior! its perfect (i paired it with UD Shatter pigment) and i am in LOVE its my new favorite color (is blackish a color?) THANK YOU!


I am in need of a new eyeshadow primer and i was wondering what you girls like.. or if any of you have a good primer for sale, i am currently not using anything (i know bad me!) it just seems everything i try makes my eyelids dry..

A new Direction

since it was impossible to find myself a user name for a new livejournal account this will be my primary and my 'spiritual' journal, documenting my journey through my Wiccan Studies college courses and personal expieriences

i will start by saying i sent in enrollment to College of the lSacred Mists wiccan college. i hope to learn alot and hoep to share some of that wisdom with all of you.

i cant wait to start my classes!
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so ive been REALLY bad with the credit card this past month.. i dont even want to see the bill, ill kill myself XD
i bought tons of video games, clothing, anime, japanese drama shows, plushies, asian snacks, pretty much everything. i broke the bank and them some, like the whole neighborhood.. hahahahaha. oh well cant do anything about it now though ne? im making earrings (witch are super cute!) and hopefully my friend teaches me to sew dolfie clothing, so i can make money by doing that. hehe. anyways just a boring post from a boring person who has nothign better to do cause she spent two days watchign the strong medicine season one boxset.. 22 epidoes, 1hour long each.. you do the math >.> hahahah
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